Camp Moves Me! Running for a Cause.

By now you may have seen my Facebook posts about a fundraiser we are doing called "Camp Moves Me!"  I have been making videos, writing songs, and you may even see someone in a tree costume soon :).   All of us at Camp Ocean Pines are dedicated to serving our community and helping those in need.  Our target for next summer is to send 10 kids in foster care to Camp Ocean Pines.  This is double what we have done in years past!  Every 500 dollars sends one kid to Camp Ocean Pines.

We will be running and asking for sponsors in the month of October.  My goal is to run 100 miles(I've already run 25 miles!).   Many of the summer staff are participating in our cause.  From our summer camp staff we have RCD, Coach, Trout, Red, Otter and Mowgli.  Also Doc, Pop Nature, Coral and Squibbons will be running in October to help this cause.  I am very passionate about kids in foster care and will be making silly videos and songs to raise awarness.  I've posted a video below :). 

 If you'd like to donate to our cause click this link:


Caleb “Racecar Driver” Albert