Top Ten Reasons to Send Kids to Camp Ocean Pines

10.) Ride the Giant Swing

Imagine your friends pulling you up 30 feet in the air, cheering your name.  All of your friends are waiting for you to pull the string that launches you off the “Giant Swing”.  You pull the string and go flying into the air.  As you reach the peak of your flight you get a glimpse of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean before swinging back to camp where your friends are applauding your bravery!  The Giant Swing is something every camper should experience.

9.) Go Gugu for Gaga

The second you step into the gaga pit you will be hooked. It’s like dodgeball from the knee down.  You can’t hold the ball and you can only hit it once.  This game has you laughing, jumping and teaming up with your friends to become the gaga champion!

8.) The Food, the Food and uh…..the Food

Full time chef Fabiola is a culinary genius.  From her perfectly cooked french toast with strawberries to the fall-off-the-bone ribs, Fabiola puts her heart and soul into her cooking.  She will meet every dietary need and makes special vegetarian meals that will have you wanting more.  You must try her famous “Salsa Verde”.  

7.) Get Slimed at Double Dare

Speaking of green sauce……”IT’S SLIME TIME!!!”.  Double Dare is a mashup of crazy challenges, goofy trivia, silly dancing and of course, lots and lots of slime.  Campers compete in cabin challenges such as “I want S’more,” where the cabin group tries to make a messy s’more with their elbows and then feed it to their counselor, and “Booties and Balloons,” where cabins try and pop balloons filled with green slime with their booties and uncover the secret message that is inside the balloons.  It’s a messy, crazy night that is a camper favorite!

6.) Getting Away from the Screens

Old fashioned fun - that’s what we believe in here at Camp Ocean Pines.  On average, kids today spend 7 hours and 38 minutes a day looking at screens.  Compare that with the 1 hour a week that the average kid spends playing outside.  We teach kids how to enjoy the outdoors and the company of others rather than the company of their cell phone :)

5.) Crepuscular Avengers

Counselors vs. Campers!!  Running through the beautiful Monterey forest with colorful gaga balls flying everywhere!  You must get food from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill without being hit by a gaga ball from the counselor.  There are always special guests making an appearance during this camp-wide activity.  The Yeti, Banana Man and sometimes even giant oak tree come out to play the game of all games!

4.) The Beautiful Central Coast

Wow, is it beautiful at Camp!  180 degrees of Pacific Ocean view is not a bad way to wake up.  At Camp Ocean Pines, you spend a week in a Monterrey pine forest.  “Old Man’s Beard” lichen hanging from the trees gives Camp Ocean Pines a magical feeling every summer.

3.) Being Yourself and Being Accepted

At Camp Ocean Pines, you are accepted for how weird you are.  You are accepted at camp whether you like sports, dancing, singing, cooking, wearing capes, catching lizards, talking in an English accent, skipping everywhere you go, talking about your pet squirrel, or just want to climb trees.  Personally, I like dressing up like a pirate and singing silly songs on stage.  At camp we are all one big crazy weird family.

2.) Making Lasting Friendships

Our number one goal at Camp Ocean Pines is that you leave with friends.  Our counselors are trained to teach the campers how to make strong connections with one another.  Plus, when you’re sliming each other and running around in banana costumes, it’s hard not to make best friends.

1.) 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills is a hot topic in schools and in the mainstream media.  They are called “The 3 C’s”: Creativity and innovation, Critical thinking and problem solving communication, and Collaboration.  These are the skills that are necessary for kids to be successful in work, life and the social world but they are not often taught in school.  At Camp Ocean Pines, we strive to teach campers these skills by embracing three simple goals: Connect, Explore, and Grow.  Connect with one another and learn to work together by communicating in a healthy way.  Explore new things, create new things, try something you wouldn’t normally try.  And finally, Grow through challenging yourself and learning how to problem solve.

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Caleb "Racecar Driver" Albert

Summer Camp Director