↞ Top Five Reasons to be a Teen Leader at COP ↠

1.) You Make an Impact


When you join the Teen Leadership program at COP you get you make an impact every day. As a CIT, JC or IC you will be working with younger campers and showing new campers the ropes. This is an awesome chance to give back to camp.

2.) You Get Messy


Slime in your hair, dirt on your face and paint on your hands, being a CIT or JC means that you get to get dirty and have fun. From helping make cake batter slime to face painting the campers for Crepuscular avengers, you will do it all!

3.) You Make New Friends

The Teen Leadership Program is filled with other awesome people from around the country, You’ll have the opportunity make new friends that will last a lifetime. You will also have the chance to work side by side with counselors from around the world, learning new cultures and making international friends.

4.) You Prepare for the Future

Thinking of applying for a job? Getting ready to fill out college applications? Wondering how to kill it in an interview? These are all things that will be covered throughout the program. You will leave your session of camp feeling more prepared to tackle the real world!

5.) You Have a Blast!!

Every day at camp is a new adventure and you are lucky enough to help create the magic! Being silly, singing songs and doing weird stuff is all just part of the job. If you want to help change lives and have fun doing it then the Teen leadership program at Camp Ocean Pines is for you.


Zach Lepard

Staff Director

Camp Ocean Pines