Telling a camp story through video

Explaining what happens at summer camp can be hard sometimes. Everyone understands the basics - the kids running around shooting bows and arrows and making friendship bracelets part of camp is easily understood. Yet to explain what really happens at camp is a little more difficult than that. 

At Camp Ocean Pines we like to talk about our goals for summer camp: Connect, Explore, and Grow. It gives us a way to get away from talking about only activities and to discuss the end results of a great camp experience. For us (and for a lot of other really great summer camps!) the point and purpose is to help our campers do more than just have a week away from home. It's all about how the connect with new friends, how to get dirty and explore, and how to gain confidence and grow within themselves. 

That story is hard to tell! We've always used words and pictures to tell the story. This year I wanted to create something that told our story and about our goals with motion and movement. I wanted to make a video! 

Unfortunately I had no idea how to make a video... 

Technology plays this curious trick in our brains where we feel like we can do things, like say use my smartphone to make a video, but the end result is not something you're proud of. I can't speak for everyone, but my smartphone videos are not works of art. 

Sometimes, even with all the technology at your fingertips, you still need an actual artist to make art. Luckily I knew an artist, and his preferred medium is video. Not luckily, he lives in South Africa. After a couple video calls with him to discuss the project I knew that he understood what I wanted and what our camp was about. I knew he could put our goals into motion. 

So I flew a guy out from South Africa to film and create a video for us. I've done some wild things before as a camp director, but this ranks very high on the crazy list. 

In the end, what he was able to create for us went beyond what I ever envisioned. It really speaks to who we are and what we try to do. It tells the story of camp in a new and unique way. I love it. I'll share the video below and if you are interested in this amazing videographer you can find more of his stuff at:


Scott "Doc" Hicok

Camp Director