Every kid needs camp! By: Counselor Crash!

Hey I’m Crash! I’m am international counselor from Manchester (UK). I’m a loud, positive and flexible fella who loves kids. Working as the male floater this summer has allowed me to work with all the boys of every age group, and I have loved it!

After researching tones of American summer camps online, finally I stumbled across COP and knew instantly this was the camp I wanted to work at for the summer. The foundation of Connect, Explore, Grow gives the camp a constant common goal and drive to help campers become the best people they can be. The skills taught at COP are those necessary to be successful in life and to be a good person. All of these skills are taught through amazing games and activities and the camps don’t even realize they are always learning and that their counselors are trained to facilitate their growth. These important life skills like: how do I connect well with anyone around me and how do I get back up after a setback, are not taught strongly enough in school, if at all. I think all kids should go to camp especially one that focuses on helping children to become more confident, outgoing and warm individuals.

My favorite activity - Team Building and the Giant Swing

There are loads of awesome activities here at camp such as: Archery, Baking 101, Field games, the list goes on. However, for me the activity that I feel makes the most impact to the children is the team building session on our low ropes course. It is my personal favorite. The kids get placed into a new team of 10 – 15 friends and take on our low ropes course. Each section of the low ropes course requires them to work together to get everyone through. Very rarely can a camper complete a section alone. In this activity you see the campers really come out of their shell and be pushed to help connect and work well together. They look out for the little guy and learn how to be positive even when met with challenges that at first seem impossible. I see the greatest amount of growth and spark from all campers when in this activity. As we all know too well, good communication and team working skills are paramount for life and these types of activities help them to practice these skills whilst making new friends and connections along the way.

Coming here was a fantastic decision for me, and has helped me solidify the idea that I want to work in pediatrics. I also plan on taking the things I have learnt by being a counselor here back to the UK to help grow and develop the scout groups I am apart of. A huge thanks to COP for making me a much warmer and more confident person in just one summer.

Until next time xxx

Ollie Winter (Crash!)