Acceptance and Why Camp Ocean Pines is Special

Today I wanted to share something a little from the heart. I believe that Camp Ocean Pines is a really special place, and it's not just because we're in a gorgeous spot on the pacific ocean, or the beautiful trees that shade our little camp - the thing that makes Camp Ocean Pines special is a little harder to define and it requires a lot more work to make happen.

Normally when a potential parent or someone new I'm meeting asks me about why COP is special, I always talk about our goals. We call them connect, explore, and grow. We design our whole camp program to help kids learn how to make friends, get them outside into nature, and help them try new things and grow within themselves. 

However, with all the ugly words and feeling being thrown around in the world right now, I keep coming back to something else that makes Camp Ocean Pines really special - Acceptance. We believe deeply in creating a completely accepting environment, and that every single kid who comes to our camp is unique and awesome in their own way. We teach our staff about the difference between tolerance and acceptance, and we work hard to make our camp a place where we all learn about each other and from each other. 

I decided to make a little video to explain why I think this makes us unique, and I hope you enjoy it! 


Scott "Doc" Hicok

Deputy Executive Director

Camp Ocean Pines