My First Day of Camp! By Camper: Tyler Frey Age 10

When I pulled up to the “Camp Ocean Pines” sign, for one second I couldn’t breathe. I had golden memories of the time I had spent last year at camp.

When I got out of the car I saw tall trees of all kind surrounding the turf, the craft lodge, and the dining hall. After seeing several familiar counselors, and checking in, I went to my cabin Van Gogh. It was a long hike up the hill, but I know I would get used to it soon. Finally I made it to my cabin, and met my counselor, Birdie, and the other seven girls in my cabin. Race Car Driver (RCD the Camp Director) explained the rules to people who didn’t know them, before we went to dinner.

 Finally we went to campfire. As the burning fire flickered, we sang songs, played games and watched skits. We gathered closer by the minute when the end song came, and at that moment, with the fire reflecting in my eyes, I knew camp would always hold a special place in my heart.  


By Tyler Frey

Age 10