Growing from a Camper to a CIT. Sky!!!

Camp Ocean Pines is more than just a camp. It is a family. Whether it is a child’s first year or their seventh year at camp, they instantly feel invited into the family.

In my first session at camp, I was 15 years old. I came to camp feeling nervous that I would be left out because everyone already knew each other. By the second day, those fears disappeared. I not only  made friends with everyone in my cabin, but with campers from other cabins. Even though it was my first year at camp, I felt included.

I wanted to continue my journey at Camp Ocean Pines, so I decided to become a Counselor in Training, or CIT. My week as a CIT taught me so many valuable habits, gave me amazing memories, and left me with the positivity I had been surrounded by all week.

As a CIT, the staff went out of their way to make my work at COP a learning experience. I was taught skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I learned time management through activities with a time restraint. They gave me tips on how to communicate with future employers, which are habits that I will use throughout my career. In addition to that, I was taught group management.

Throughout the week, I witnessed how to be a good group leader. The amazing group of counselors showed me different ways of leading campers and group activities. Each day, I would watch how the counselors ran their activities, while taking mental notes to help me become a strong leader like them.

One unique aspect of camp is the connections made between campers and counselors. As a CIT, I made it my responsibility to learn everyone’s name, so that everyone felt included and cared about. Each morning, I would serve the campers breakfast while wishing each of them a good morning. Along with all the other counselors and staff, I wanted to make sure each camper had the best time at Camp Ocean Pines.

I loved being a CIT because it brought out the silly side of me. I had dance parties and played games with the campers. I would sing funny chants with my campers. We would laugh and have fun, which made all of our time at camp even better.

At Camp Ocean Pines, everyone is surrounded by positivity, happiness, and laughter. That was my favorite aspect of camp as a camper, and now as a CIT. The counselors at Camp Ocean Pines are always spreading positivity and lifting spirits. Even if it is early in the morning, the counselors will come to breakfast with smiles and energize the camp with a chant. The counselors positivity spreads like wildfire throughout the camp. Being around their cheerfulness lifts my spirits and leaves me in a constant state of happiness. The great energy that camp gives me makes me want to come back year after year.


Taylor Colety aka Sky