Letters Home

Every year a few parents always ask me, “Why won’t my child write more letters home?”. I always answer by talking about how much fun they have at camp, how they are so busy making new friends and trying new things - well they just forget! Also, many of them don’t even know what paper letters are! ;)

With this problem in mind we decided to create a new video this summer that would be a “Letter Home” to all our families and friends of camp. We hired an amazing videographer to hang out and record what really happens at camp, and we also got a few of our most excited campers to do a tiny bit of acting for us. We think the end result is something really special. You can click on the box below to watch it

We’d love for you to share this video on your Facebook page, blog, or just send it out to your friends! And if you haven’t signed up for next summer yet we’d love for you to join over 150 kids from last year who’ve already chosen to have another awesome Camp Ocean Pines experience.

Thank you so much and enjoy the show!