Come be a part of the greatest summer camp program in California. We’re looking for the best, the brightest, and those who are passionate about making a positive impact on kids’ lives! If you’re interested in the most amazing and rewarding summer job you could ever have, and love working with youth in the outdoors, we have a chance for you to shine.

So why work at camp?

We have a little saying here at camp… “ we LOVE every kid for who they are and want to help them grow into the humans they want to be”. As camp staff we love the awkward kids, the shy kids and the kids who talk about Pokemon 24/7! We show them what it means to truly 100% yourself. And yeah, what does that mean for you?

Working at camp is the best job, ever. You get to have the time of your life from kayaking, making s’mores or wearing a tree costume while singing at the top of your lungs. Working day in and out with people who are just as passionate and caring for children, you walk away with lifelong friendships. You will learn how to talk through difficult conversations, work with a team through the ups AND downs and so much more! It won’t be easy and we are hear to support each other. We know it is difficult to be intentional 100% of the time and we appreciate it, SO MUCH. Ask anyone who has ever worked at camp and they can point to how a job at camp improved their life.

Before you even think about really applying to Camp Ocean Pines, you need to answer a few questions:

1) Do you love working with kids?
If you “like” working with kids, or can work with kids, this is not the place for you. You will likely be in a cabin with kids, and about 22 hours of every 24 you will be with kids. You must have a passion for working with youth, you need to love their energy and excitement, and have patience that seems endless.

2) Do you love nature and the outdoors?
Camp life is a dirty one. You will go days without showering, you will sleep outside, you will smell like campfire forever, and you will discover a new level of “dirty” when it comes to clothing. Also, C.O.P. is all about nature, our camp is in the forest overlooking the ocean and it is impressive. If you are inspired by nature, and want to share that inspiration with some campers, C.O.P may be the place for you.

3) Do you need a lot of “me time” or personal space?
The truth is you just don’t get much at camp. You will be sharing space with your campers and fellow staff members. If it’s really important to you, you may want to look elsewhere.

4) Can you be a weirdo? Can you act like a child?
No, we’re not kidding. Can you dress up like a pirate and sing I’m a little tea-pot while trying to juggle 3 eggs? You don’t have to do any of these things well, but you have to have no fear, no hesitation, and the confidence to do it proudly! It takes a special kind of person to be a success at camp, and a huge part of it is not caring about how you look or who you impress, but only caring about how much fun you and your campers can have!

5) Are you responsible?
This may seem to contradict the last one, but Camp staff must be fun and serious at the same time. You will have children using bows and arrows, throwing tomahawks, climbing walls, and surfing in the ocean. You MUST have the ability to know how to care for and protect your campers.

If you’ve read all these questions and feel like you can be a part of an amazing summer experience, then continue below for how to apply.

Summer Camp Positions 2019

Click the Job Title for a full Job Description.

General Counselor
You are the rock stars at camp. You are the magic makers. You make camp happen! Every week you will get a group of 9-10 campers for your cabin. You create a warm, safe environment where kids feel welcome and accepted. As a counselor, you will lead camp activities every day and all the stuff in between. This could range from walking around camp like a dinosaur or cleaning your cabin or being covered in feathers or coaching a kid through homesickness, no day will look the same. We are looking for counselors who want to do it all, you ready?

On-Site Program Coordinator
Our “Pro-Coords” are program wizards, witches and warlocks. They magically make sure everything is set up and also, cleaned up. They step in to help, right at the exact moment. They have program ideas always bouncing around in their head and always pushing the limit of what we do at camp. As an On-Site Pro-Coord, you will oversee multiple program areas and support counselors leading each one. You will spend your day jumping from activity to activity, getting the best of all the worlds. You keep camp fresh from daily activities to all camp events and that every camper is having the time of their life.

Off-Site Program Coordinator
Logistics and Adventure are your middle names. Your friends know you as the person who is always down for a road trip AND your car is packed perfectly every time. As an off-site coordinator, you drive and join our kids on our off-site adventures. Our trips range from kayaking, rock climbing and chilling at the beach. Interested in seeing other parts of California? Our Off-Site Pro-Coords pick up our campers from our LA and Bay Area stops, get ready to bust out your Taylor Swift playlist!

Teen Leader Coordinator - Position Filled
You know that the world needs leaders who are kind and brave. Our Teen Leader Program is all about creating future leaders for camp and beyond. As the Teen Leader Coordinator, you would oversee our Teen Leaders by leading workshops on child development, the best ways to lead groups, how to be an effective leader and more! You get to be the mentor who guides them to lead their very first program. You help make the magic happen with our Dream World Experience. We are looking for someone to connect with our teens and inspire them to give back to camp and hopefully, the world.

Camp Media Coordinator
One of our biggest things we provide for our families are daily photos of our campers. Our camp media coordinator will be the camp photographer, videographer and memory keeper! You know how to capture more than just a smiling camper, you can capture a message. You will manage our social media platforms and work with the Camp Director on our 2020 marketing campaign. If you are looking to learn and add to your resume, we will give you the experience you need!

Teen Trips Leader
Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? You, a co-leader and a group of 10 teens will explore up and down the West Coast and Hawaii. With your co-leader, you will create intentional itineraries that carry the magic of Camp Ocean Pines everywhere you go. You will be in charge of the details, the communication and even the meals on the trips. When you are adventuring, you will be helping at camp and planning your next adventure. Interested in where we are going, check them out here!

Healthcare Supervisor
We are looking for a healthcare professional to join us this summer at camp! As the healthcare supervisor you get to do it all. You will run your health center the best way you see fit. You will oversee all camp medications, keep organized records of camp first-aid and make sure everyone is getting the care they need. You will support our campers and staff in their physical and mental health. From band-aids, ice packs or a nap on the couch, you help everyone feel better!

Communications Director - Position Filled
You understand the other side of the coin. You know that while our campers are having fun at camp, there are adults at home wondering what’s going on! You help pass along how much fun we are having, answer any question that may be asked and assure them that their camper is safe. You will organize the camper mail and care packages making sure everything is in order. You will work with the leadership team so that everyone stays on the same page for each camper, helping serve our families the best way we know how.

Program Director- Position Filled
You live and breath program. You can know how many paintbrushes we have in stock, who is leading what activity on which day at a certain hour all while planning an all-camp capture the flag for next session. As program director, you wear many different hats from schedule maker to carnival leader. You will supervise our program staff and help them grow as staff members, always making camp better. As Program Director you will work to make sure every camper and staff have an amazing experience.

Staff Director- Position Filled
You are all about the people of camp. You know they bring the magic that makes camp, camp! You know every campers’ name and can connect with all of them. Counselors come to you when they need help or advice on how to support their campers. You are the motivator that always has energy even in the middle of the summer. You are the empathetic ear that anyone can talk too. You live and breath our camp values. You are a friend to everyone at camp, making sure that everyone feels welcome, included and celebrated!

If you feel that any of these descriptions fit you, check out our application process below!

The Nitty Gritty
All Staff Training 6/6 - 6/14
Summer Camp Season 6/16 - 8/10

We ask that everybody is able to commit to the entire summer!

Application Process

Applications are now open!

1) The Application

Click on the Staff Application above.  You will need to upload a Resume, Cover Letter, and a link to your application video (see below).

2) The Video

You will need to create a short video (2-5 mins) showing us why you would make a great addition to Camp Ocean Pines.  This is your chance to sell yourself!  Hint: Have fun with this!  We love videos that show your talents and silly side along with the reasons you want to work at Camp Ocean Pines!

Here is an example of a great video from a former staff member, Zona!

3) The Interview

Once your application is complete the Summer Camp Director will contact you to set up an interview time. The interview will consist of questions about you, questions about how you work with kids, and a teaching segment where you will teach us how to do some activity.   After the Interview, the summer camp director will reach out to you to let you know if you got hired.  We have a lot of applicants so make sure to be prepared for your interview.

Any questions??? Please reach out to our Summer Camp Director, she is always happy to talk camp.
Erin Moses, (805) 924-4019