Camp Ocean Pines strives to give each camper the best camp experience possible.

Camp has been immortalized in pop-culture as the place children go over summer to find out who they really are when separated from technology and unstifled by the regiment of schoolwork and rules. At Camp Ocean Pines we offer your camper the opportunity to discover his or her secret archery skillsfind the various constellations among the millions of burning orbs visible in the Cambria, CA, night sky; use his or her muscles to engage in a kayak race with friends in Morro Bay; or discover whether he or she has the mettle to build a tent and a campfire and rough it outdoors.

You’re wondering what goes on at Camp Ocean Pines?

Friendship, relaxation, new memories, and new adventures. Some skills can’t be taught in a city setting. Camp Ocean Pines takes full advantage of its natural environment to show campers what making your own fun means; how hunting for jade in Big Sur or playing capture the flag with new friends can outweigh Tweeting and texting in significant life value. They say there’s a time and a place for everything, and summer is the time for your camper to learn to be a kid again.

No camper will have a dull moment. No matter your child’s personality, there are activities for everyone, starting with the simple stuff from lanyard makingobserving tide pools, and basic arts and crafts, to the bigger activities such as glass meltingtheatre performances, and camping field trips. Our friendly and caring staff ensures that all campers make friends and enjoy their time at our scenic getaway.

At Camp Ocean Pines we specialize in fun. Register online to give your child the opportunity to connect with the environment the way every child should.