Thank you for your interest in our Summer Camp! If you don't know which session you would like to register for please check out our rates, dates, and prices below. If you just want some more information, click on request information and the Camp Director will contact you. 

If this will be your first time registering a camper at Camp Ocean Pines, click on new family registration. 

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Rates & Dates for 2018

Sessions  Dates Full Price Price until 11/4 Price until 11/4 with "monthly payments" or "paid in full"
Session 1 (Now 8 days!) June 17th - 24th $1387 $1221 $1172
Session 2 (6 days) June 24th - 29th $1131 $995 $955
*Session 1 & 2 June 17th - 29th $2086 $1836 $1762
Session 3 (8 days) July 1st- 8th $1387 $1221 $1172
Session 4 (6 days) July 8th - 13th $1131 $995 $955
*Session 3 & 4 July 1st - 13th $2086 $1836 $1762
Session 5 (8 days) July 15th - 22nd $1387 $1221 $1172
Session 6 (6 days) July 22nd - 27th $1131 $995 $955
*Session 5 & 6 July 15th - 27th $2086 $1836 $1762
Session 7 (8 days) July 29th - Aug. 5th $1387 $1221 $1172
Session 8 (6 days) August 5th - 10th $1131 $995 $955
*Session 7 & 8 July 29th - Aug. 10th $2086 $1836 $1762

*Combo sessions are priced less than individual sessions


Summer camp can do phenomenal things for a child’s self-esteem, as a parent, your concern is often financial. That’s why Camp Ocean Pines offers affordable summer camp prices, so you can allow your child the benefit of a summer by the sea. Remember, Camp Ocean Pines is not merely an opportunity to get the house to yourself, nor is it an opportunity for children to merely be away from their parents for a week or two. Camp Ocean Pines in an opportunity for children to test themselves in a different environment. The scenery is spectacular and the opportunities are vast, so time spent at Camp Ocean Pines allows your child to determine the kind of person he or she wishes to become. Will they be a leader or an observer; an archer or a swimmer? At Camp Ocean Pines, we let them decide for themselves. We provide exceptionally trained counselors so your child experiences all the benefits of independence with the comfort of guidance and vigilance to ensure safety.

Parents and children alike will fall in love with the beauty that Camp Ocean Pines has to offer. Summer camps in California rarely achieve this level of excitement, inclusion, beauty and fun, so you should jump at the opportunity to register your child as quickly as possible. Give your child the gift of independence and responsibility.